Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Molly Kirven Work Experience at the BGS

My name is Molly Kirven and I have just finished my first year studying Geology at University of Derby. I undertook one month of work experience at BGS and was able to explore different departments throughout the organisation.

At the beginning of the month after having a tour of the site, I compiled spatial datasets of paleontological data on varying chalk pits throughout the UK using ArcGIS and Excel to do so. This was followed by curating palaeontology collections as well as scanning and 3D printing a fossil from the BGS museum.

I then observed Sherwood Sandstone boreholes producing a core log. Throughout my time at BGS I also attended lunchtime lectures and met many members of staff who took the time to give me extra work, discuss their geological careers and show me aspects of BGS I was unaware of.

Overall, my experience was incredible and I truly loved every second of it. The staff were very welcoming and personable and made my experience as amazing as it could be which is why I hope to be returning in the next year to complete more work experience. 
Thank you for everything

Molly’s work compiling Chalk stratigraphy information into a spatial database builds on current BGS work that underpins a new physical property model of the Chalk Group, as well as providing pathways to detailed BGS site-specific report data that is currently ‘hidden’ in our archives.

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